Welcome to the homepage of qiv!
Latest version: QIV 2.3.3 - 28.01.2023

Original QIV author (until 2009) Adam Kopacz (adam.k@klografx.de)

Quick Image Viewer
for Linux, Solaris(SunOS), FreeBSD and HP-UX
... is a very small and pretty fast gdk/Imlib image viewer.

Requires: gdk-2.0 and Imlib2. Policy: GNU GPL
  • moving & zooming image in fullscreen mode.
  • setting image as x11 background (centered,tiled,stretched..) with user settable background color
  • fullscreen viewing with a great statusbar
  • external "qiv-command" program support
  • screensaver mode
  • brightness/contrast/gamma correction
  • real transparency
  • maxpect (zoom to screen size while preserving aspect ratio)
  • scale_down (scale down to big images to fit screen size)
  • support for HighDPI displays
  • slideshow (with random order if you want)
  • filename filer
  • flip horizontal/vertical, rotate left/right
  • delete function (move to .qiv-trash/)
  • selection function (copy to .qiv-select/)
  • jump to image number x, jump forward/backward x images
  • display EXIF information
  • EXIF autorotation
  • browse mode when launching from file manager
  • magnifying glass
  • support for JPEG comments

General options:
    --file, -F x           Read file names from text file x or stdin
    --bg_color, -o x       Set root background color to x
    --brightness, -b x     Set brightness to x (-32..32)
    --browse, -B           Scan directory of file for browsing
    --center, -e           Disable window centering
    --contrast, -c x       Set contrast to x (-32..32)
    --cycle, -C            do not cycle after last image
    --display x            Open qiv window on display x
    --do_grab, -a          Grab the pointer in windowed mode
    --disable_grab, -G     Disable pointer/kbd grab in fullscreen mode
    --fixed_width, -w x    Window with fixed width x
    --fixed_zoom, -W x     Window with fixed zoom factor (percentage x)
    --highDPIfactor FLOAT  Resize factor to compensate for high (or also low) DPI screens
    --fullscreen, -f       Use fullscreen window on start-up
    --gamma, -g x          Set gamma to x (-32..32)
    --help, -h             This help screen
    --ignore_path_sort, -P Sort filenames by the name only
    --readonly, -R         Disable the deletion feature
    --maxpect, -m          Zoom to screen size and preserve aspect ratio
    --merged_case_sort, -M Sort filenames with AaBbCc... alpha order
    --mtime_sort, -K       Sort files by their modification time
    --no_filter, -n        Do not filter images by extension
    --no_statusbar, -i     Disable statusbar
    --statusbar, -I        Enable statusbar
    --showJPEGcomments, -J Enable display of JPEG comments
    --showArtistName, -E   Enable display of artist (author) name
    --artist_ignore x      Do NOT show artist name if it is equal to x
    --no_sort, -D          Do not apply any sorting to the list of files
    --numeric_sort, -N     Sort filenames with numbers intuitively
    --root, -x             Set centered desktop background and exit
    --root_t, -y           Set tiled desktop background and exit
    --root_s, -z           Set stretched desktop background and exit
    --scale_down, -t       Shrink image(s) larger than the screen to fit
    --trashbin             Use users trash bin instead of .qiv_trash when deleting
                           (undelete key will not work in that case)
    --transparency, -p     Enable transparency for transparent images
    --watch, -T            Reload the image if it has changed on disk
    --recursivedir, -u     Recursively include all files
    --followlinks, -L      Follow symlinks to directories (requires --recursivedir)
    --select_dir, -A x     Store the selected files in dir x (default is .qiv-select)
    --autorotate, -l       Do NOT autorotate JPEGs according to EXIF rotation tag
    --rotate, -q x         Rotate 90(x=1),180(x=2),270(x=3) degrees clockwise (11 & 13 for conditional)
    --xineramascreen, -X x Use monitor x as preferred screen
    --source_profile, -Y x Use color profile file x as source profile for all images
    --display_profile,-Z x Use color profile file x as display profile for all images
    --vikeys               Enable movement with h/j/k/l, vi-style
                           (HJKL will do what hjkl previously did)
    --version, -v          Print version information and exit

Slideshow options:
This can also be used for the desktop background (x/y/z)
    --slide, -s            Start slideshow immediately
    --random, -r           Random order
    --shuffle, -S          Shuffled order
    --delay, -d x          Wait x seconds between images [default=3]

    space/left mouse/wheel right      next picture
    backspace/right mouse/wheel left  previous picture
    PgDn/wheel down                   5 pictures forward
    PgUp/wheel up                     5 pictures backward
    q/ESC/middle mouse                exit

    0-9                  Run 'qiv-command  '
    ^    Run 'qiv-command ^ '
    ?/F1                 show keys (in fullscreen mode)
    F11/F12              in/decrease slideshow delay (1 second)
    a                    copy current image to .qiv-select
    A                    artist (author) info on/off
    d/D/del              move picture to .qiv-trash (to trash bin with --trashbin option)
    u                    undelete the previously trashed image
    +/=/mouse btn 9      zoom in (10% / +50% if above 100%)
    -/mouse btn 8        zoom out (10%)
    e                    center mode on/off
    f                    fullscreen mode on/off
    m                    scale to screen size on/off
    t                    scale down on/off
    X                    cycle through monitors
    s                    slide show on/off
    p                    transparency on/off
    r                    random order on/off
    b                    - brightness
    B                    + brightness
    c                    - contrast
    C                    + contrast
    g                    - gamma
    G                    + gamma
    o                    reset brightness, contrast, gamma
    h                    flip horizontal
    v                    flip vertical
    k                    rotate right
    l                    rotate left
    jtx          jump to image number x
    jfx          jump forward x images
    jbx          jump backward x images
    enter/return         reset zoom, rotation and color settings
    E                    display Exif information
    i                    statusbar on/off
    J                    JPEG comments on/off
    I                    iconify window
    w                    watch file on/off
    x                    center image on background
    y                    tile image on background
    z                    stretch image on background
    ,                    grab on/off
    <                    turn on/off magnifying window
    arrow keys/wheel           move image (in fullscreen mode)
    arrow keys/wheel+Shift     move image faster (in fullscreen mode)
    NumPad-arrow keys+NumLock  move image faster (in fullscreen mode)