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not-anymore-Payware Programs (will eventually be released free under the GPL!)

Film I have written a software for use with the Rolleivision 35 twin digital P projector.

Unlike the controlling software from Rollei itself, DiaShow is not only reasonably priced, but also much more powerful and intuitive to use. It was developped for a (almost) computer illiterate (i.e it's very easy and self-explanatory to use), but it's just as comfortable for the expert user. There is context sensitive online help for every part of the program.
Here is a more
complete program description. (in German)
And here is now finally a demoversion (in German or in English ) for you to try out. (Full version, except that saving to disk is disabled.)

Film There is also a software for use with the Rollei MSC300P projector.

(in German,English,Español,Dutch,...!!!)
Here is a (English and German) description of the program. And here is a demoversion (in all supported languages) for you to try out. (Full version, except that saving to disk is disabled.)
NOTE: DiaShow doesn't work on Windows 7 anymore but you can run it in a DOSBox, e.g. on Linux. Here is a description by Fred Rooks who did exactly that using an USB2serial adapter. Erhard Bollmann informed me that an additional "chmod 666 /dev/ttyS0" is necessary, thank you!!!

Just me if you are interested or click here for screenshots and some more information on this software.
NB: I don't find the time to prepare and update the code for a GPL release. In the meantime you can download a free and non-restricted version here.

Freeware Programs

buttonzsh-completion-Funktion für den nanoblogger: _nb.

buttongigaset v1.82 Simples Perl Skript, um die TV-Aufnahmen der DVB-T Box Siemens Gigaset M740AV zu verwalten, anzuschauen, exportieren, demuxen, schneiden, muxen, DivX-Export, ...
Geschrieben und designt für Linux, aber sollte mit "cygwin" auch beim Fensterln laufen.
Passend dazu eine completion-Funktion für die zsh: _gigaset. Fast and flexible Perl script for searching in Heise-Register (previously here, copy)
Operating system independent! (call perl with -x under non-Unix)
Since 2011 with direct link into the Heise Online Article Archive

(Use the previous version if you don't use UTF-8 as default character set yet)

It also works for Stiftung Warentest! ( -> "Downloads" -> "Inhaltsverzeichnisse" or here.)

buttonxreg-0.1.tar.gz(39k) GUI for regpl by

buttonshiftclick.xpi(1k) Firefox AddOn that makes shortcut Shift+Click for "Save link as..."

buttondefault-combinedgraph.template Template for PNP4nagios for showing many values of an RRD file in one combined graph. Example: .

buttont.tar.gz Wrapper for taskwarrior: It provides implicit project values on the command line, for adding and filtering, based on the current directory. (Details and discussion) Add-on for taskwarrior: automatically increasing the due date of all tasks. (Details and discussion) useful script for backups and diffs of ownCloud calendars: smart chronological sort of iCalendar files. I call it smart because it takes recurring events into account. wrapper script for the excellent AVCHD2SRT tool by Henry Devettens. Corrects frame rate for the camcorder Panasonic HC-X929EG-K and translates subtitles to German names and format.

Shareware Programs Menü Version 2.10 (now with installation utility!!!)
Great Menu for DOS, easy configuration and use.
Mouse support!
Menü Version 3.0 is about to be released!
To see what's in this version, click here. Patience, Version 1.21
Great solitaire-type card game for DOS.
Warning: it is old, but addictive! Betriebsstundenzähler, Version 1.50
Counts the total uptime of any DOS-PC, non resident,
no memory usage, in GERMAN. English version of
Counts the total uptime of any DOS-PC, non resident,
no memory usage

And remember, it's SHAREWARE. Money

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