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+2011-02-03 Do 19:25

new version of Perl script for searching in Heise-Register

Since Heise has an Online Article Archive now with free access by all journal subscribers, I extended my little Perl program to include a direct link to the corresponding download page of the article in the archive.

Searching for: heise register finden
Titel       : Heise-Artikel besser finden
Autor(en)   : Lutz Labs
Redakteur   : ll
Zeitschrift : c't 16/4, S. 51
Schlagwörter: aktuell,Heise Register,Artikel-Recherche, Heise
Zeitschriften Verlag, c't, iX, Technology
              Review, E-Mail-Support, Version 2.9, Download,
Archiv-Link : http://www.heise.de/artikel-archiv/ct/2004/16/51_kiosk
Done. Found 1 match.
Direct download link: regpl222.zip.

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